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“We celebrate the diversity and individuality of all ages and races by bringing the vision of natural makeup to life. With our vegan, high-quality, cruelty-free and sustainable make-up products, our coachings and services, we share our principles that every person should highlight and emphasize their natural beauty.”

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Master of Makeup Styling Coach Professional Networker Visionary

Master of Makeup Styling Coach Professional Networker Visionary

Beauty is a basic need for me, whether it’s a baby seeing something beautiful, a woman looking at herself happily in the mirror, or a man having a beautiful encounter. Everything and everyone strives for beauty, it is in our nature.

My inner and outer beauty has always been very important to me. Like most people, I discovered my love for makeup as a teenager. I quickly realized that I am very creative and experimental when it comes to styling and that it is very important that the products you apply are skin-friendly and ethnically correct.

After training as a nurse, in which I acquired sound knowledge of health, I turned my destiny into a profession and learned the professional skills of a make-up artist at the Academy for Make-up Artists in Vienna. From normal day makeup to extreme special effects makeup, I’ve constantly expanded my skills.

With this overall knowledge and skills, I am started my business as a mobile makeup artist for the first time. After a year of practice, I passed the master make-up artist exam to make my big dream come true. Together with my husband I opened a beauty school where I could pass on and spread my knowledge.

My way of passing on my knowledge is always something very personal for me, which is why I prefer to coach and teach small, private groups with a lot of practice. This extraordinary coaching and training offer quickly caught many eyes, which made me to the national makeup coach for my big partners and the government.

As mentioned at the beginning, the products I use were and are very important. With the make-up label “vanitis” I combine the ethnically correct and sustainable attitude with highly pigmented vegan products. The combination of make-up know-how, the professional products and my personal preferences from big city life made me dare to move to Dubai.

The change to emigrate to Dubai was planned for a long time from a private and professional point of view and last year I dared to take the step. I pretty much packed everything up, packed it in a container and put it back together in Dubai. My beauty bar is now in Walid Atallah’s villa, where my coachings, trainings and my stylings takes place.

Sabrina Sitz

Founder & Director

Designer Engineer Makeup Artist Artisanal Allrounder

The love of Beauty shaped and built my Makeup Mindset. Now you are probably wondering what a Makeup Mindset is or   what you can imagine by it. In short, Makeup is an attitude that every human being wonderfully carries within. When looking at how people present themselves in everyday life, be it on the street or on various social media channels, I noticed that many people have the wrong image of Makeup.

First of all, the biggest misconception is that makeup is not a product that people wear. Rather, make-up is the time you invest in yourself, be it the time in front of the mirror, the time in the gym or the time standing in front of the closet and choosing a nice outfit. We all do that, we invest our valuable time to look great for ourselves and those around us.

The second misunderstanding is very technical. Due to the ever, better cameras that create perfect photos and videos with very good filters or retouching, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the natural look in everyday life.

And last but not least – you can wear makeup or you can wear makeup. The products you use are accessories that need to be properly. Just as you coordinate your necklace or bracelet with your outfit, your Makeup should also match to your outfit and, above all, it has to suit you.

This is exactly what motivates me every day to invest my time and energy to beautify your world with my vision and attitude.

Markus Sitz

Founder & General Manager

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